пʼятниця, 26 серпня 2011 р.

2000 pageviews! Yikes!

It's fantastic, because i don't know who was 2000th, it might have been Yandex.
It's not much, but as lazy as I am, I didn't hoped to make this many. As happy as I am now I just felt I should write something about this.

Time to review stats!
It was quite some time since I have started this blog, less than a year, and I still have some crowd to be proud: http://mantonov.blogspot.com/ and http://arhipov.blogspot.com/. Thanks, I'll continue even if it's just for you two!

Also special thanks to http://javenue.info/ who was just the right guy to pass SCJP with!

It was a coincidence but a good timing to switch to new domain, which looks much more human than previous. I still haven't paid much attention to SEO and design since start so this is a good thing to do in the next year.

New part of java.util.concurrent is being prepared with me googling every tiny detail about why and how, stay tuned, but you may be disappointed as I started it in Ukrainian. That's a try and I plan to translate it to Russian once done. I wish I had an app that'd write as I talk with some acceptable rate of errors, if you know any - please give me a shout!

Also I'd be thankful to anybody who suggests a good idea of the study-friendly but realistic app to illustrate the concurrency concepts. I have some ideas, but yours may be more exciting!

I was excited to know that our Institut of Cybernetics has a research on Ukrainian language recognition: http://uasoiro.org.ua/home/ It's pretty scary but you can navigates through frames - it looks quite promising. I hope to contact them next week, maybe they will be kind enough to open-source it, so I could port it on Mac and make pretty

Thats's it, gratz everyone and don't routine yourself! Ever!

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